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ALEX BOW Epoxy adhesive - part A

ALEX BOW Epoxy adhesive - part A

Producer:ALEX BOW
Catalogue number:LEP01A
Weight of an item:1 kg
Our price: 23.00 € (inc. of VAT)


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ALEXBOW Epoxy resin adhesive is a two component adhesive which cures at ambient or elevated temperatures. It is composed of component A and component B. It has good strength and durability. It is suitable for bonding wood materials, bamboo and laminates. It is especially suited to use in the construction of the traditional wood-fibreglass bows. The thin paste allows easy application of the bonding material. During assemble and loading it prevents bubbles forming under the fibreglass and bonded joints. It is good for thin veneers – so they do not tear under load. The glue generates heat during the curing process which allows more glue to soak into the wood and thus improve the joint.
The adhesive is prepared for application by mixing component A and component B in a prescribed volume ratio of l00:50. It is important to accurately mix the correct proportions (0.5% of component B at component A)

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